Join the wonderful people of Columbus when Season of a Lifetime screens at Edgewood Baptist Church on Oct 1st at 7:30. Come support their hometown hero, Jeremy Williams, and his family. Tickets are $10 and portions of the proceeds go to the ALS Foundation.


Rick – We, my wife Carol and I, met you in the foyer of Edgewood Baptist following the Oct 1st showing of “Season of a Lifetime”. The movie itself was quite touching, but the commentary about Brookstone School was quite distracting from the real message of the story. Why ruin the message with a class warfare commentary? While Brookstone’s tuition is as you broadcast, the state of GA provides nearly $10,000 per student in public schools so the costs are not that different, but the main error is that of assessing privilege as an advantage on the field of athletics, when, in truth, privilege is more often a disadvantage in motivation. Sure , Brookstone is a private school, and the parents do plan for their children to attend college, but there is no guarantee the child will actually take advantage of the opportunity. The disadvantaged actually have more incentiuve to excel in sports (as they do in entertainment) as children see success in sports as a way out of the environment they have grown up in. Consider editing out the Brookstone commentary and make the story be about the miracle, not envy. By the way, St Anne’s-Pacelli is also a private school, and its parents also have college for their children on their minds, yet you barely mentioned anything because the football program that year was less than viable.