Main Trailer
The Main Trailer was edited by Loren Miyake and written by Alexander Von David. Loren was one of the editors on Rick Cohen’s last film “Faded Glory” as well. Special shout out goes to Rick’s friend Scott Edwards for producing the piece.

In the Community Trailer, we get a glimpse of Coach Jeremy Williams and his family in their community. Jeremy speaks to church members delivering his message of hope and faith and encourages them to fight through adversity. Clarissa Dane Hughes song “Here & Now” was magical written for this film and LoneStar lead singer Richie McDonald makes a surprise appearance.

Family Life
In the Family Life Trailer we meet the Williams extended family. We learn about their love for each other, the hope for their future and their faith in God. We also get a sense of the influence Jeremy’s illness has on the Greenville Patriots upcoming football season.

Jeremy at University of Memphis
Season of a Lifetime’s Jeremy at University of Memphis Trailer deals with Jeremy Williams trip back to his Alma Mater, Memphis University, where Jeremy starred as a Defensive back all four years and was the career tackles leader. Jeremy’s teammates from the ’90-’93 seasons returned to honor him with a lifetime award named after him for best Spring practice player. The new head coach of Memphis, Larry Porter, was Jeremy’s old teammate as well. John Flowers, Jeremy’s old position coach gives an emotional speech on his former pupil’s will to stay a champion and fight ALS.

Pre Season
The Season of a Lifetime Pre Season Trailer is here. Meet Coach Jeremy Williams and the Greenville Patriots as they prepare for the 2010 Georgia HS Class A Regular Season. It might not be HBO Hard Knocks, but it’s close. (Music by Adam Holland.)