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Season of a Lifetime final cut screening in BUCKHEAD

"Season of a Lifetime" has its final Atlanta screening this Sunday, Feb 26th at East Andrews (56 East Andrews, Atlanta, Ga 30305) from 4-6 PM. Portions of the $10 proceeds go to ALS. After the screening is an Academy Awards viewing party from 7-12 pm. That is $25 and includes a buffet and three drinks plus the party. Portions of that fee also go to ALS. All tickets should be pre-purchased as space is limited. Please go to to make the purchase/donations. Hope to see you all there.


Season of a lifetime

Good Evening, My name is Jean Sayer and my boyfriend of 14yrs has ALS. He was diagnosed in April of 2010 just about two years ago now. The following Feburary I watched the extreme home show about Jeremey and have been trying to follow him ever since. I have been trying to figure out how to see your documentary on him but not sure how. Will it be made public at anytime or would you consider doing a screening in Syr NY. I was wondering if you would do it as a fund raiser for ALS. Thank You, Jean

Coach Jeremy Williams

I just watched the Extreme Makeover Edition featuring Coach Williams story.  This really hit home as I am a teacher at Johnson County High School in the little town of Wrightsville, Georgia.  We were inspired in a similar way by former Athletic Director, Coach Bill Bonds.  There are sooo many similarities to Coach Williams and his fight, faith, and spirit.   ALS has also claimed the life of Darryl Harris from Washington County.  He too was a wonderful father and husband and inspiring man within our community.  


I would love to find out more about this documentary.  Perhaps a screening could be arranged in the middle Georgia Area.  I'm sure the widows of both Coach Bonds and Darryl Harris. as well as their children would love to see such an inspiring film.   This may also provide a future connection between Jennifer and these other two families for it is sad to imagine what the inevitable seems to be.  Coach Williams and his family will be in my prayers as this has certainly made me remember these other two great men that have gone before him with such determination, faith, and inspiration.